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At PPS, our extensive knowledge in pump design, manufacturing and smart water management spans more than forty five years. We are committed to the customers we serve and the quality and integrity of the products we manufacture to provide the best quality, service and support in our industry.

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FLOW RATE: 10 ‐ 20 GPM

PSI: 30 – 40 PSI

SKID SIZE: 18″ X 12″

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FLOW RATE: 15 ‐ 20 GPM

PSI: 60 – 80 PSI

SKID SIZE: 28″ X 16″

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FLOW RATE: 20 ‐ 95 GPM

PSI: 15 – 85 PSI

SKID SIZE: 25″ X 38″

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FLOW RATE: 100 ‐ 380 GPM


SKID SIZE: 35″ X 48″

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Includes automatic filtration

FLOW RATE: 20 ‐ 100 GPM

PSI: 20 – 95 PSI

SKID SIZE: 35″ X 48″

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FLOW RATE: 20 ‐ 380 GPM


SKID SIZE: 48″ X 33″

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FLOW RATE: 50 ‐ 500 GPM


SKID SIZE: 48″ X 66″

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Vertical Turbine or Submersible Turbine

Available with or without Automatic Filtration

FLOW RATE: 150 ‐ 1000 GPM


SKID SIZE: 48″ X 96″

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FLOW RATE: 150 ‐ 1200 GPM

PSI: 150+ PSI

SKID SIZE: 72″ X 96″

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FLOW RATE: 300 ‐ 3000 GPM

PSI: 150+ PSI

SKID SIZE: 72″ X 200″

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FLOW RATE: 150 ‐ 2000 GPM

PSI: 150+ PSI

SKID SIZE: 96″ X 96″

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FLOW RATE: 300 ‐ 3500 GPM

PSI: 150+ PSI

SKID SIZE: 96″ X 120″

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What Our Customers Say ...

“ I can always tell how good a company is by asking them to do something they would not normally do ... and PPS has always done everything we have asked and expected ... its been a great relationship!"

Mike H.

HBH Engineering

"Thank you for developing a compact, cost effective, and innovative package pump station to meet the needs of the Eugene Water and Electric Board. The project site presented many challenges such as constraining property lines, steep topography, and high visibility; making a compact package pump station the most ideal solution. I have enjoyed working with the PPS staff and look forward to our next project."

Project Engineer

Eugene Water & Electric Board

"The City of Twin Falls needed a way to plan for the future, and PPS really delivered by innovating the regional and expandable pump station design."

Tom Y.

PPS Sales & Support

"The actuated valve control that allows us to direct the water to where we need it to go – from our cell phones – has saved us an incredible amount of time and travel. That was a very pleasant surprise that PPS added to their PLC Program”

Taylor T.


"Thank you with your assistance in getting replacement Amiad filters for our pump station ... the entire process was very easy as PPS handled all the details. Within a short period of time the items were replaced with no down time to our system. Thank you again PPS for outstanding customer service."

Frank Y.

Estrella Community

"PPS is staffed by some of the best and brightest in the industry. With their ability to custom build and install options using the latest technology for communication to remote computers, PPs is at the top of the industry."

Adam B.

Crane Creek CC

Why Partner With PPS? ... We're With You Every Step of the Way

Why partner with PPS? Because the true measure of quality at Precision Pumping systems is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, driven by the quality of our products and service, is the key to our success now – and it will be for the life of our organization. Our established quality management system is the foundation behind our guarantee to do the best job, the first time, every time.

This PPS promise is not just in writing, we’re proud to narrate it in the audio track below.



USA Pride in Craftsmanship

Innovative Smart Controls

Pre-Tested & Ready to Install

Built To Last A Lifetime

The true measure of quality at PPS is customer satisfaction. This is the key to our success for years to come. Our quality management system provides a solid foundation to do the best job, the first time, every time.