Turf Irrigation Pump Systems

Professional turf and landscape irrigation solutions for residential and commercial applications

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Turf Irrigation Pump Systems

We offer five pumping system models for turf and landscape applications. Regardless of your project or your budget, we can build a turf or landscape irrigation pumping system to meet your needs.

  • Good choice for surface water applications
  • Can produce high flows (3,000+gpm) and high pressures (150+psi)
  • Long life and lower long-term maintenance costs
  • Pumps never need priming
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Can be built with a self-cleaning filter option
  • Most sizes can be easily enclosed, eliminating the need for a pump house
  • Good choice for boosting existing water pressure
  • Touch-screen user interface with common terms makes this system very user friendly
  • Compact size fits nicely into landscape designs
  • Low cost, reliable package
  • Rugged enclosure eliminates a pump house
  • A wide range of flows and various models are available
  • Custom color options
  • Top and rear access make this system easy to maintain
  • Good choice for surface water applications
  • Compact size
  • Lower cost compared to vertical turbine systems
  • Pumps never need priming
  • Nearly silent operation
  • Can be built with a self-cleaning filter option
  • Our enclosure option eliminates a pump house
The PPS Partner Experience

From initial design phase to installation, maintenance, and service—our engineers and technicians combine expertise with friendly service—ensuring that your pre-packaged pump station is designed, built, and performs to your exact needs and specifications.

Design Phase: Our experts work with you to design a system that best meets your requirements. Before building, we provide submittals containing complete information regarding the technical specs of all major system components, including pumps, valves, sensors, filters, and control panel components—as well as detailed CAD drawings and electrical schematics.

Manufacturing and Testing: Each pump station is manufactured in our UL certified manufacturing facility, then, they are rigorously tested according to site-specific conditions. This way, you’ll know that the station will arrive at the site ready to perform as required by your system.

System Start-up and Training: Our factory trained technicians know the pump station inside and out, and will provide comprehensive training to operators and/or owners. Each station also includes a comprehensive operations and maintenance manual providing essential information to extend the life of the system.

Service and Support: With 24/7 support, you get the peace of mind knowing that if your pump station faults, you can talk with a real factory trained technician with access to comprehensive information about your system. This information includes CAD drawings, component spec sheets, wiring schematics, and detailed photographs of your system.

General Station Features

Custom Enclosures:

  • Marine Grade Aluminum Enclosures
  • Prefabricated Fiberglass Buildings
  • Steel Stud Buildings
  • Concrete Buildings

Heavy-duty Skid:

  • 3/8” thick, brake-press folded structural stainless steel.
  • Provides support for the entire pump station.
  • Efficiently sized to provide a compact dimensional footprint.

Corrosion Fighting Galvanized Steel Includes 25-Year Rust-Through Warranty:

**Combats corrosion and dramatically increases the life of the pump station.

  • Heat-fused, polyester TGIC powder coating also available as an option. Piping is coated inside and out, as are the skids and manifolds.
  • Potable and Non-Potable options: NSF-rated potable systems.
  • Custom colors are available to meet specific requirements.

Comprehensive Warranty:

  • 3 Year Standard Warranty covering all service and replacement of all pump station components.
  • 25-Year Rust-Through Warranty on all galvanized steel components
  • Extended warranties are available.
Sensors, Switches and Gauges

Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges: Provide operators with real-time readings of both intake and discharge pressure.

Stainless Steel Pressure Transducers: Accurately detects system pressure and sends 4-20 mA analog signals to the PLC.

High Pressure Switches: A backup device that shuts the system down in a high pressure event.

Flow Meters: Both magnetic and ultrasonic style flow meters measure discharge flow and sends signals to the PLC, which records the flow data and can adjust the pumps according to flow thresholds.

Golf & Irrigation Brochure

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What Our Customers Say ...

“ I can always tell how good a company is by asking them to do something they would not normally do ... and PPS has always done everything we have asked and expected ... its been a great relationship!"

Mike H.

HBH Engineering

"Over 25 years I have worked with 9 different manufacturers, and none come close to your customer service and products ..."

Wayne Bell

Clearwater Engineering, LLC

"Thank you for developing a compact, cost effective, and innovative package pump station to meet the needs of the Eugene Water and Electric Board. The project site presented many challenges such as constraining property lines, steep topography, and high visibility; making a compact package pump station the most ideal solution. I have enjoyed working with the PPS staff and look forward to our next project."

Project Engineer

Eugene Water & Electric Board

"I am looking for a quote for your Vega pump station. ... We have one of your custom stations in use and have appreciated its reliability and performance."

Damien W.

Kennewick, WA

"The actuated valve control that allows us to direct the water to where we need it to go – from our cell phones – has saved us an incredible amount of time and travel. That was a very pleasant surprise that PPS added to their PLC Program”

Taylor T.


"Thank you with your assistance in getting replacement Amiad filters for our pump station ... the entire process was very easy as PPS handled all the details. Within a short period of time the items were replaced with no down time to our system. Thank you again PPS for outstanding customer service."

Frank Y.

Estrella Community

"PPS is staffed by some of the best and brightest in the industry. With their ability to custom build and install options using the latest technology for communication to remote computers, PPs is at the top of the industry."

Adam B.

Crane Creek CC

USA Pride in Craftsmanship

Innovative Smart Controls

Pre-Tested & Ready to Install

Built To Last A Lifetime

The true measure of quality at PPS is customer satisfaction. This is the key to our success for years to come. Our quality management system provides a solid foundation to do the best job, the first time, every time.