Control Panels

All PPS Control Panels Are Fully Programmed, Fully Tested and Certified Prior To Delivery To Ensure Optimal Performance Upon Installation. Available in both English and Spanish language translations.

PPS Control Panels

Our pump station control panels are designed, engineered and built in our UL 508A listed facility according to the precise specifications of our customers. They arrive pre-programmed, certified and ready to install and include comprehensive electrical and control panel schematics, which allows them to be serviced by non-proprietary service technicians. – saving you time and money.

+++ Now available in both English and Spanish language translations. +++

Control Panel Features & Options

PPS UL Certifications Include:

  • UL508A – (NITW) Industrial Control Panels
  • UL-QCZJ – Packaged Pump Stations
  • UL1203 – (NNNY) Industrial Control Panels for use in hazardous locations
  • UL698A – (NRBX) Industrial Control Panels with hazardous locations extension.

Standard Panel Features

  • 1-year Warranty
  • Fully Programmed and Tested Prior to Shipment
  • Service Entrance Rated Disconnect
  • HOA & Status Indicator Lights
  • Manual Speed Potentiometer
  • Full Color Schematic
  • Indoor Rated
  • Available in both English and Spanish translations

Monitoring & Control

UL Listed Control Panel:

  • Designed and built according to Industry Best Practices: Custom control panels designed and manufactured in a UL 508A listed facility.
  • Open Source Control: Comprehensive electrical and control schematics are included with each control panel, making them serviceable by non-proprietary service technicians.

Energy Saving Variable Frequency Drives:

  • VFDs increase the efficiency of pumps and pump stations by adjusting the pump operations to fit fluctuating demands.
  • VFDs ensure that the system maintains constant pressure even as demand fluctuates.

Programmable Logic Controllers:

  • Intelligent Controls and Monitoring: PLCs can provide comprehensive monitoring and control of the system, including monitoring total flow, intake / discharge pressure, and motor frequency / performance.
  • Motor Alternation: With multiple pump configurations, the PLC will alternate the lead and lag pumps for better wearing of the motors, extending the life of the motor.
  • System Protection: from electrical faults, pressure faults, flow faults, and temperature faults.
  • Remote Monitoring: When equipped with remote SCADA tools, it is possible to monitor and control pump stations from anywhere an internet connection exists.
  • Multiple I/Os: Can incorporate multiple inputs and outputs from a range of sources, including pressure transducers, flow meters, and electronically controlled valves.

Easy to Use Human Machine Interface:

  • Touchscreen interface makes controlling and monitoring the system intuitive and straightforward.

System Diagnostic Utilities:

  • Enable operators to view, diagnose, and troubleshoot system faults.

Sensors, Switches and Gauges

Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges: Provide operators with real-time readings of both intake and discharge pressure.

Stainless Steel Pressure Transducers: Accurately detects system pressure and sends 4-20 mA analog signals to the PLC.

High Pressure Switches: A backup device that shuts the system down in a high pressure event.

Flow Meters: Both magnetic and paddle-wheel style flow meters measure discharge flow and sends signals to the PLC, which records the flow data and can adjust the pumps according to flow thresholds.

Download Control Panel Brochure

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Why partner with PPS? Because the true measure of quality at Precision Pumping systems is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, driven by the quality of our products and service, is the key to our success now - and it will be for the life of our organization. Our established quality management system is the foundation behind our guarantee to do the best job, the first time, every time.

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Mike H.

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"Over 25 years I have worked with 9 different manufacturers, and none come close to your customer service and products ..."

Wayne Bell

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"Thank you for developing a compact, cost effective, and innovative package pump station to meet the needs of the Eugene Water and Electric Board. The project site presented many challenges such as constraining property lines, steep topography, and high visibility; making a compact package pump station the most ideal solution. I have enjoyed working with the PPS staff and look forward to our next project."

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"I am looking for a quote for your Vega pump station. ... We have one of your custom stations in use and have appreciated its reliability and performance."

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Kennewick, WA

"The actuated valve control that allows us to direct the water to where we need it to go – from our cell phones – has saved us an incredible amount of time and travel. That was a very pleasant surprise that PPS added to their PLC Program”

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"Thank you with your assistance in getting replacement Amiad filters for our pump station ... the entire process was very easy as PPS handled all the details. Within a short period of time the items were replaced with no down time to our system. Thank you again PPS for outstanding customer service."

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The true measure of quality at PPS is customer satisfaction. This is the key to our success for years to come. Our quality management system provides a solid foundation to do the best job, the first time, every time.