Welcome to another PPS Thursday project spotlight. Today we are GOING BIG and Breaking PPS ALL-TIME RECORDS in advanced automation control panel design and engineering.

Receiving this GIANT custom-made enclosure begins the most extensive control panel design and engineering project ever developed at PPS. This marine-grade aluminum structure measures 20 by 16 feet; it will weigh over 30 thousand pounds when completed.

Once the project is completed, tested and PPS certified it must be relocated from its fabrication site to a loading position in the shipping yard. The custom enclosure was designed with four specific lifting points for strength and safety during lifting.

The crane to lift such a structure is rated at 90 thousand pounds and required three 14-foot spreader bars to balance and accommodate the load. Slowly it is lifted off the ground and then all connections are inspected before it will be hoisted more than 16 feet in the air to avoid other obstacles in the yard.

Its overhead journey continues across the PPS shipping yard to its designated outbound loading platform. As it travels, it must be rotated into the correct final resting position and stabilized prior to lowering it to the ground. This is accomplished through the expertise of the crane operator and a series of safety guiding lines maneuvered by the crane ground crew.

As it arrives at its final resting place in the shipping yard, the ground site is prepared with a series of 4 by 4 brace bars to keep the structure level – and slightly off the ground in preparation for its next move onto the bed of a large oversize transportation truck.

A quick peek inside, reveals the inner workings of this record-breaking control panel project. A 2000 HP @ 4160 Volts gas compression complex for the artificial lift of multiple oil wells in South Texas. The entire project was fully tested, and certified for connection and operation on-site. This record-breaking PPS project gets a major thumbs up from everyone involved, especially the customer!

Record-breaking panel room project loaded and protected for the long journey to South Texas.


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