Instructions For Using The PPS Engineering Portal:

Sign In / Register to Download Drawings and Specifications for our Standard Pumping Systems.

The PPS Engineering Portal provides our qualified customers access to download CAD drawings and other time-saving resources to greatly speed up their specification process. Below are the steps to access the portal, register for membership and how to find and select the CAD and PDF drawings you require. Need help? Contact our customer service team at (208)323-5300 for immediate assistance.

STEP 1: Go to You can access the engineering portal from the button located in the header of the home page. Or via the website menu under resources > CAD Resources:

STEP 2: If you are not already a member, you will need to register to request access to the engineering portal. Complete the new user form on the registration page and submit your request. Our customer service staff will promptly review the request to confirm and qualify the PPS customer. Most requests are granted right away. You will receive a confirmation your request has been submitted. Once approved, you will receive your access information.

STEP 3: On the engineering portal landing page, select the pump type you prefer. For Idaho Pressurized irrigation pump stations, click here:

*NOTE: For Idaho Pressurized pump stations, next you will select the appropriate authority or select other if none apply:

For other pump types make your selection from these options:

STEP 4: Once you have selected the correct pump type as explained above, review the drawing and specifications available and then make your selection based on flow range, with or without a filter, with or without and enclosure, etc.

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