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Have you seen this recent headline in the Idaho Statesman?

“Water Supply Concerns Escalate As Drought Emergencies Declared In 8 Idaho Counties.”

As an Idaho-based manufacturer for more than 40 years, Precision Pumping Systems has watched the Idaho state landscape change dramatically. Our state’s population has grown to record numbers in recent decades, yet we are still relying on the same limited surface and ground water resources to sustain us, even though our demand for fresh water has more than doubled. These same resources are further challenged by continuing development, pollution, climate change, and inefficient use.

This has created a huge imbalance between our state’s water usage and nature’s ability to replenishment it. Currently, we’re facing record drought conditions as our lakes, rivers and reservoirs are at their lowest point in decades. Water restrictions and user allocation limits across Idaho are being mandated, irrigation canals are empty, and we’re declaring drought emergencies in eight major Idaho counties.

All of us at Precision Pumping Systems value the long-term conservation of Idaho’s clean water resources. With statewide drought conditions surging, PPS has focused attention and development resources on water conservation through advanced monitoring and operation control technology using their new Clarity Water Management System.

Introducing Clarity WMS.

This new water management software will provide Idaho Cities, Water Districts, Commercial / Residential Developments, and Educational Institutions across Idaho with the tools and real time information they need to maximize conservation of our state’s most endangered natural resource while saving power, and overall maintenance costs every year!


NEW! PPS Water Conservation Solutions:

With advanced controls only offered by PPS, each pump station can be easily programmed to Limit the Amount of Water Available to Users. This allows the water purveyor to ensure that usage does not exceed water rights, saving thousands and, in many cases, millions of gallons per year!

Clarity Water Management Software –Using a modem, each PPS pump station can be remotely accessed to allow users to monitor pump station flow, pump flow, trending history, daily-monthly-yearly usage logs, wet well levels, and so many more conditions to save overall maintenance and cost.

Dashboard Web-Based Control – PPS Clarity Software saves water by allowing the user complete control; monitoring several pump stations with one dashboard, scheduling days for the pump station to run, and weather data/rain shutdown. Never irrigate again while it is raining!

PPS has the solutions. Please allow us to show you how we can work together to conserve today for tomorrow! Let’s work together to save this much-needed resource for the future of the Treasure Valley.

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