Have you heard this recent headline on CBS News?

“Water Crisis Loom Over Southwest as the Colorado River Dries Up.”

The spring planting season is just around the corner – what can WE do to maximize the efficiency of water usage?

With over 1/3 of the US in a drought, we are still relying on the same limited surface and groundwater resources to sustain us, even though our demand for freshwater has dramatically increased. These same resources are further challenged by continuing development, pollution, climate change, and inefficient use.

This has created a huge imbalance between our water usage and nature’s ability to replenish it. Currently, we’re facing record drought conditions as our lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are at their lowest point in decades. Water restrictions and user allocation limits across the US are being mandated, reservoirs and irrigation canals are empty, and we’re declaring drought emergencies.

The millions of gallons that fell in the recent storms were largely lost into the ocean and sewer systems.  Not for lack of want but for lack of ability to capture and contain the rainfall.  The amount of land required to contain the rainfall from the storms is staggering.  The cost of land, development, and moving captured water is an ongoing political discussion.

We all at Precision Pumping Systems value the long-term conservation of the nation’s clean water resources. With drought conditions surging, PPS has focused attention and development resources on water conservation through advanced monitoring and operation control technology using their new Clarity Water Management System.

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