Good Day Everyone. I am the PPS pump geek with an important message for you.

Precision Pumping Systems manufactures fully integrated pump stations in precast concrete buildings, aluminum enclosures as well and composite fiberglass.

PPS is the SINGLE source of responsibility for the design, manufacture, testing, calibration, service, and end-user support for all components of their packaged pump stations. This includes the enclosure, pumps, variable frequency drives, controls, HVAC, automatic transfer switches, and remote control and monitoring.

When you plan your next development project, choose a PPS-packaged pump station. They’re manufactured in our UL-listed, ISO2001:2015 certified factory and are delivered ready to install according to your EXACT specifications. And best of all, they are backed by one solid company, every step of the way.

This has been an important message from me, the PPS pump geek. I will see you again soon.

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