What do you do with a well-used, retired pump truck? When you pass it along to the PPS Maintenance crew, they bring it back to life with a whole new purpose and patriotic facelift!

Here’s the story of our PPS Maintenance crew and their miraculous transformation of a NEW SNOW PLOW vehicle.

Back in 1992, the truck started as a Dodge W350 4X4.

After years and years of service, it ended up as a faded red, rusted, run down dual-wheel pumping truck with a service box body/bed.

The first step to revitalize the old gal, was a major tune-up on the 360 cu in motor. Step two was to lift it 2 inches, and then convert it to a single rear wheel (while keeping the dual axle). The next step was to install a single-wheel bed, and rebuild the entire brake and suspension system. FINALLY to the interior – the guys re-furnished the interior with a new headliner, A/C-heater switches, and a new radio. For aesthetics and visibility, the last step was to install new LED lights for the interior and exterior.

In the spirit of PPS Pride and “Made In USA”, PPS decided on a “Patriotic” truck wrap for the newly restored vehicle, thanks to our friends at “The Wrap Shop” of Boise. After several design ideas, PPS chose the American flag (draped over the truck style) with an American Eagle, and an F4 Phantom displayed on the tailgate.

The amazing transformation was all done in-house, by some of the most talented maintenance and mechanical people on the planet. And now, PPS has a NEW snow plow truck to keep facility lots and parking spaces safe and clear during the snowy Idaho winters. Congratulations to the crew that made this happen. You guys are THE BEST. Go PPS Pride!


In the picture from left to right are:  Alex O. // Scott S. // Christian S. // Jeff S. // Ethan // missing from the pic are Ryan W (our only female welder) // Andy (seasonal employee) // Bret S. (fixed steering components) // and Donovan (Picabo Ranch employee).

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