Join us on a journey, across the USA, featuring a variety of packaged pump stations recently designed and manufactured by Precision Pumping Systems.

  • Our-first-stop, is the manufacturing plant, of Precision Pumping Systems, located in Boise Idaho. Established in 1972, it has grown to over 100 employees, and more than 32,000 square feet of production facilities.
  • Next, we head to Kuna Idaho to preview the Ahlquist Estate-landscape irrigation project. This large vertical turbine packaged pump system has a design point of 2045 gallons per minute and includes both high flow and recirculation.
  • For our next stop, we head south to San Mateo California, and this small but mighty NEBULA series packagedpump system. Rated at 15 to 70 gallons per minute this all-in-one compact booster pump is ideal for residential and commercial pressurized irrigation applications.
  • We continue on our journey
    to Salem Utah and the next PPS pressurized irrigation packaged pump system on our tour. This vertical turbine pump system produces up to 3000 gallons per minute of water for the property.
  • Our next stop is Bozeman Montana and this Gateway Village prefabricated concrete building project, including a chemical room. This custom vertical turbine PPS booster pump station provides up to 100 gallons of potable water per minute to the development.
  • Next, we’ll turn south to Thornton, Colorado, and this PPS NOVA Series flagship booster pump station. With a variable flow range of 20 – 95 gallons per minute, it is ideal for pressure boosting, suction lift, or flooded suction applications.
  • We continue our tour to the southwest and this custom sports turf booster pump station. Located on the ASU campus, it was designed for its new sports field complex and provides up to 800 gallons per minute of pressurized irrigation with a 25 PSI boost.
  • For the first golf irrigation system on our tour, we’ll go a little further south to this beautiful 2100-gallon per minute vertical turbine pump system from PPS. It provides up to 130 PSI of boost for the Views Golf Club, located in Tucson Arizona.
  • Next, we’ll turn north to Minnetonka Minnesota, and this brand-new rainwater harvesting pump station manufactured by PPS. It provides up to 60 gallons per minute of reclaimed rainwater for efficient pressurized irrigation of the property.
  • Just across thestate of Minnesota is our next PPS packaged pump system, located in the Lino-Lakes community. This custom Atlas submersible turbine station features 300-micron VAF 200 filtration for pressurized irrigation of the development.
  • As we continue on our tour, we head south to Swanee Kansas, and Wilder Bluff Park. PPS designed this custom-packaged pump system to include unique pumps that supply a water treatment system, a splash pad for the kids, and a water stream that runs through the park.
  • Now let’s head to the Northeast, and The Reserve Residential Community, located in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. This custom all-in-one centrifugal pump station includes AMIAD SAF 1500 filtration and provides 225 gallons per minute of pressurized irrigation to the new development.
  • Next on our journey, we visit another PPS golf irrigation system at the Dublin Country Club, located in Georgia. This retrofit suction lift pump system utilized the existing client building and provides up to 1200 gallons per minute of consistent golf course irrigation.
  • This next extra large PPS suction lift packaged pump station known as Star Farms, is located in Lakewood Ranch Florida, and built to last a lifetime. Due to its proximity to the coastal environment, it is constructed of galvanized steel components which carry a PPS 25-year -rust-through warranty.
  • As we continue on, we arrive in Florence South Carolina where this fully enclosed packaged PPS suction lift pump station is located. It delivers up to 800 gallons of water per minute at 120 PSI, for irrigation of the development.
  • Finally, our journey ends at the NEW PPS manufacturing plant, located in Columbia South Carolina. Opened in mid-2022, this new facility expands PPS to the East Coast with more than 22,000 square feet of additional production capacity.
  • Thank you for joining us on this tour of Precision Pumping Systems, ALL ACROSS THE USA!
    We look forward to seeing you on another journey soon.
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