Precision Galaxy: Episode VIII

A long time ago, pump stations were custom built for every purpose in the galaxy.

The Precision Resistance longed for standardized pump stations.

The Industry Rebels challenged such standardization.

The Precision Resistance won their first battle with the ORION.

The ORION all-in-one pump stations have vastly improved life for many in the PPS galaxy.

Step into the future of pump stations … with the ORION Series from Precision Pumping Systems!

The ORION series is a robust, powerful pre-packaged pumping system designed for the toughest environments. It features an innovative and easy to use color touch screen and remote control and monitoring are available as an additional option. These systems are all UL listed, pre-tested and ready to install, and they are backed by our world-class tech support team.

For more information on this or any other PPS prepackaged pump station product, contact our sales team at (208)323-5300 for immediate attention.

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