Painted Tree: A New Home Community Coming To Life in McKinney, Texas!

Today, we wanted to share a glimpse into another spectacular PPS prefabricated concrete building pump station and how it met and exceeded the specifications and requirements requested for this large, three-district community development currently under construction.

Painted Tree is a new home community that is coming to life in McKinney, Texas.  Located 30 miles north of Dallas and just west of I-75 near downtown McKinney, Painted Tree is planned as three distinct districts. Each is designed using the character of the land and all are linked by trails to unique destinations — through the woods, along the water, to parks, pools, and places to gather.

This custom PPS system will control the precise distribution of irrigation water to a number of different sites in each of the districts which required the highest efficiency possible for both controlling and measuring output. Because of the flood pane, the station had to be located approximately 600- feet from the pond water source. This led to installing three End Suction Centrifugal pumps ranging from 50 to 600 GPM at 78 PSI. Along with custom features such as heating, air conditioning, double wide doors, and more, the station includes VAF Stainless filtration rated at 300 microns.

The Painted Tree precast concrete building pump station was completed on time and was fully ready for the pre-delivery inspection with the team from Painted Tree. We love the chance to tour and explain the system to our customers prior to delivery. The inspection was successful and this new system will be on its way to its new home in McKinney, Texas right on time!

Take a look at this short video of the customer visit and inspection process. Special thanks to Painted Tree for allowing us to share their experience.

To learn more about the new Painted Tree community development, click here to visit their website.

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