Did you know that every PPS standard and custom Pump Station is pre-wired, fully tested and certified prior to delivery to the customer to ensure optimal operation and performance upon installation?

It’s true – prior to delivery, every PPS pump station must undergo and pass our most comprehensive dynamic testing to ensure optimal operation and peak performance upon installation. These tests are made using Hydraulic Institute Standards and measure various critical aspects of the pump’s operating performance including:

  • Each pump is individually flow tested to 6 different points to assure that it meets the pump manufacturers published flow curve.
  • The pump station is tested to the full build out design parameters to verify that it meets customers expectations.
  • Prior to flow testing the pump station is hydrostatically tested at 150% of the design point.
  • All components are functionally tested and set to site design conditions

During on site start up, there are three additional main classes of pump testing:

  • Simple System Evaluation: A walk-through evaluation to measure pump discharge pressure, utility meter data, and evaluate the condition of distribution system and sprinkler nozzles.
  • Simple System Irrigation Pump Test (e.g. open discharge to a pond): Perform to check flow, TDH, and input power, and limited mainline analysis.
  • Irrigation Pump Test and System Analysis: Perform irrigation pump test, evaluate mainlines and critical sprinklers in the tested condition, and make adjustments for the critical position of the system.

After these tests have been completed, the pump station is PPS certified and the pump owner will be provided all data reports with the completed test results.

For more information on this or any other PPS prepackaged pump station product, contact our sales team at (208)323-5300 for immediate attention.

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