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Learn More About Clarity Water Management System

The most effective way to conserve our planet’s limited water resources is to control excessive waste and unnecessary use. How long these resources last will depend on our global efforts to effectively conserve them. Prevent waste and unnecessary use of your PPS pumping system. Clarity WMS is the must-have conservation tool for the ever-increasing scrutiny over water rights, permits, and daily allowances. Check out these features:

  • With advanced controls only offered by PPS, each pump station can be easily programmed to Limit the Amount of Water Available to UsersThis allows the water purveyor to ensure that usage does not exceed water rights, saving thousands and, in many cases, millions of gallons per year!
  • Using a modem, each PPS pump station can be remotely accessed to allow users to monitor pump station flow, pump flow, trending history, daily-monthly-yearly usage logs, wet well levels, and so many more conditions to save overall maintenance and cost.
  • Dashboard Web-Based Control – PPS Clarity Software saves water by allowing the user complete control; monitoring several pump stations with one dashboard, scheduling days for the pump station to run, and weather data/rain shutdown. Never irrigate again while it is raining!

Click here to learn more about Clarity WMS.


Clarity RMS: Register For Your FREE 90 Day Trial Here

Give your internet device the same control as your pump station PLC touch screen! Clarity RMS allows you to monitor, adjust, and control your system from any web enabled device. Fault Notifications will be sent to you immediately via SMS or Email. This will allow you to troubleshoot or diagnose your station off-site and potentially save you the costly on-site visit. Click here to learn more and register for your FREE 90-Day Trial today!

  • Save time and money by reducing on-site visits. Try it out FREE for 90 days!
  • Monitor, Adjust, and Control your station from any web-enabled device.
  • Over 100 fault alarms will notify you via SMS or Email.
  • Lower the risk of station downtime by making your system adjustments remotely.
  • PPS is available 24/7 for emergency diagnostics and troubleshooting.


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