Once again, the team at PPS has risen to the ultimate challenge! Designing and engineering this 900 GPM @ 275 PSI, turn key booster pump station complete with concrete building enclosure (designed to blend into the mountain landscape) was the first step. Delivering and installing it at its final resting place 1244’ up on a cliff in the Southern California mountains was the final step in the process!

  • The custom pump station was transported from Boise, Idaho to Southern California on an oversized, flatbed heavy haul truck.
  • Upon arrival, the first task was to move it to a smaller flatbed truck that could maneuver through the narrow streets of the residential subdivision.
  • The platform for the pump station was above the most accessible street in the area requiring a temporary byway to be cut into the hill large enough to accommodate the transport vehicles.
  • The final stage of the project required an amazing team of architects, water system engineers and construction professionals to place the pump station and make the precise, predetermined connections to the water reservoir source.
  • All went exactly as planned and the entire delivery process took less than 5 hours.
  • With the pump installed and fully operational, this system transfers 900 GPM of water at 275 PSI 600 feet up a hill to the subdivisions water storage tank.

Special thanks to all of our engineering and contract partners for their help and expertise to complete this project on time and within budget. Check out the video story of the delivery and install process below. Cheers to all for a job EXTREMELY well done!

For more information on this or any other PPS prepackaged pump station product, contact our sales team at (208)323-5300 for immediate attention.

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