A PPS Pump Station is a huge investment and important to your business operations. Whether it be a high volume water treatment facility or a golf course or agriculture irrigation system, your PPS Pump Station was designed and installed as a long term solution to your water delivery requirements and it’s estimated life span is at least 20 years. To ensure you meet or exceed that expected lifespan, it’s important to provide your pump system with regular inspections and maintenance. Many of our customers simplify this process by subscribing to the PPS Maintenance PLUS Service Program.

But if you are wondering whether or not it is worth it, here are just a few of the reasons that a year round service and maintenance plan is the key to getting the best return on your pump station investment:

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Pump station:

One of the biggest advantages of regular system service and preventative maintenance is extending the operational lifespan of your system. It allows you to identify and resolve any potential problems with your system well in advance of of any mechanical breakdowns or unexpected downtime. It also ensures your pump station is operating at peak performance levels and maximum efficiency.

Reduce Repair Costs and Avoid Downtime:

An interruption in the daily operation of your pump station due to a malfunction or breakdown can be an expensive problem. When it happens, repair costs such as staff and repair crew overtime, overnight parts delivery, equipment rental and more can escalate rapidly. However, with a professional, service and maintenance program, you can dramatically lower these costs and avoid breakdowns.

Increased Efficiency = Lower Operating Costs:

The more efficient your pump station operates, the less it costs to run. Having a certified professional pump technician make periodic inspections and adjustments that improve your systems operation, your PPS pump station will perform at maximum efficiency. This should also include a complete mechanical equipment inspection to make sure everything is functioning properly and performing at maximum capacity.

Service & Maintenance Costs Are Discounted:

Paying full price for parts and labor can add up in no time. At PPS, our Maintenance PLUS Service Program provides up to 20% off parts and labor, additional discounts on standard hourly rates and equipment rental and more. It also provides regularly scheduled maintenance checks that can prevent unexpected breakdowns. And if issues do arise, our dedicated service program makes them much less expensive and easier to repair.

Provides Safety & Operational Security:

When it comes to business, the safety of your employees and customers is extremely important. Poorly or non-maintained pumping equipment won’t just slow or interrupt your daily operations, it can also expose staff members to real safety hazards. A professional pump station maintenance program will make sure your equipment is safe and in top working order and reliable.

Are you ready to get started? Let PPS help keep your pump station in tip top shape with our Maintenance PLUS Service program! If you’d like to prevent costly repairs and unexpected downtime, let the PPS professionals be a part of your solution. Click here to learn more about the PPS Maintenance PLUS Service Program  or call (208) 323-5300. When you have PPS watching over your pump station, you’ll receive a wide range of preventative benefits and service that far more than just pay for the service.


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