Precision Pumping Systems introduces PRIME ASSURE™a specialized add-on product featuring an innovative design and cutting-edge technology for maintaining the prime of PPS pump stations.

Maintaining pump priming on a suction-lift pump station can be a challenge. Small leaks in the suction line, a defective foot valve, or even excess air entrainment in the water can cause a system to lose its prime.  The result is either a pump station fault condition requiring manual intervention or a dry-run condition, which can damage or destroy pump seals.

The PPS Prime Assure system eliminates those worries. Prime Assure continuously monitors the status of the pump system prime and notifies the operator if there is a potential leak or other problem with the suction line. PATENT PENDING.

The Advanced Technology and Benefits of Prime Assure:

• Early alert notifications of suction line leaks before a failure occurs.

• Self-diagnosis is used to identify specific suction lines that may have a leak or seeping foot valve.

• Alleviates pump cycling due to slow leaks or vacuum failure in a suction line assembly.

• Immediate system check and confirmation that a suction line issue is resolved after a repair.

• ASSURES constant PRIME when the water resource level drops significantly from the previous point of operation.

• Proprietary design specifications and functionality. Patent Pending.

• Significant power savings


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