Potable Centrifugal Booster Station

Potable Centrifugal Booster Station

This pump system, located in Eugene, Oregon, is a dynamic potable booster system delivering 25 GPM to for domestic use and up to 750 GPM for high flows. We were challenged by the customer to engineer a low-cost, low-profile automated booster pump station. We were responsible for the complete vertical design and development of this pump system to meet the exact specifications required for the application – including the custom fabricated building which encloses and protects the pump system.

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Flow Rate: 25 – 750 GPM

Boost Pressure: 51 PSI

Discharge Pressure: 77 PSI

Pumps: Two 40 HP End-Suction Centrifugal and Two 2 HP Vertical Multi-Stage

Customer Challenge: To design a low-cost, low-profile automated booster pump station to their exact specifications and purpose.

Project Features & Benefits:

  • Includes two vertical multi-stage domestic pumps and two end-suction centrifugal high flow pumps.
  • System designed to provide the entire flow range with any pump out of service.
  • Each pump is driven by a Premium Efficient TEFC motors and controlled by low harmonics variable frequency drives.
  • Pressure Relief Valve with relief alarm signaling limit switch

Precision Instruments:

  • Chlorine Analyzer
  • ABB Flow Meter. Dual Electromagnetic Flow meters to ensure highly accurate flow readings throughout the broad flow range.
  • Yokogawa Pressure Transmitter with
  • Measuring accuracy of ± 0.055% of calibrated span.
  • 316SS Wetted parts

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) building:

  • 100 PSF Roof Design Load Rating
  • 160 MPH Wind Load Rating
  • Exceeds NEMA S standards.
  • Intrusion alarm, rubber floor safety matting, ambient temperature sensor, LED lights
  • Durafiber Building
  • Double, Lockable Doors
  • Exterior/Interior Lighting
  • Electric Heater w/ Thermostat

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