Grandview Estates Irrigation Project

Grandview Estates Irrigation Project

Located in Twin Falls, Idaho, we designed this project as a regional irrigation system to provide landscape irrigation to multiple subdivisions and park lawns in the Grandview Estates area. It was configured for easy expansion as the subdivision grows and requires increased irrigation resources. It was installed with just a single pump to accommodate initial requirements and is expandable to include 4 pumps as the subdivision grow in the future. The system is protected by a durable, powder-coated marine grade aluminum enclosure.

Location: Twin Falls, Idaho

Flow Rate: Up To 1700 GPM

Pumps: System utilizes up to four Goulds VHS Turbine Pumps. It was installed with a single pump delivering 450 GPM and is configured to easily expand to four pumps delivering up to 1700 GPM.

Customer Challenge: The City of Twin Falls, Idaho required an affordable irrigation pump station that could grow as the subdivisions expands over time. Due to weather exposure, it required a solid enclosure for protection of the system components.

Project Features & Benefits: The skid, piping, and controls were built to accommodate a total of [4] pumps, while only [1] was needed upon initial installation. This station has been in opersation since 2017 with ZERO downtime or malfunctions.

Performance Upon Initial Installation: 450 GPM

Performance With Added Future Pumps: 1700 GPM

This pump station is protected from the elements by a durable powder coated Marine Grade Aluminum Enclosure.

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