An estimated 70% of all freshwater used worldwide is used to support agriculture. Of that 70% of total resources, up to 40% is lost due to the environment.

Here are the top three causes of wasted irrigation water:

The most common occurrence is when overwatering exceeds the soil’s ability for it to be absorbed into the ground.

When this water accumulates and remains on the surface, air temperature and wind remove it through evaporation or it floods into other nonagricultural areas.

SOLUTION: Smaller, more frequent watering is a better strategy for managing water loss due to evaporation. The ability to remotely monitor and fine-tune optimal watering schedules using the Clarity WMS software from PPS is designed for that purpose. Clarity WMS allows you the desktop monitoring and control of each individual pump station in your irrigation network. This allows the user to make real-time adjustments based on actual climate conditions to maximize efficiency and prevent loss due to overwatering. 

Malfunctioning or leaking pipes.

SOLUTION: Using the built-in historic trend log in Clarity WMS allows the user to see at a glance if there are any flow, pressure or other abnormal changes in output anywhere in their system; 24/7 from a phone, tablet, or computer. The trend log provides insight into current and past watering windows, displaying critical information to remotely manage your entire system. This includes managing irrigation, shortening watering windows, confirming controller flows, and most important, pump station troubleshooting and fine-tuning. It also displays up-to-the-minute fault alerts or any alarms that have occurred. With the radical swings in temperature and precipitation during peak summer months, using just reported statistics from the previous year is no longer a reliable solution.  It’s like having a full-time engineer and service tech in each of your fields all in the palm of your hand.

Watering during a rain event.

We’ve all seen this in our neighborhoods and perhaps in the agriculture fields in the areas we live. This misuse of water resources is one of the largest contributors to waste and it can be prevented. SOLUTION: Previously, agriculture irrigation managers had to travel to each pump station site to make the changes necessary to vary irrigation schedules based on weather events.  Clarity WMS allows you to modify or suspend irrigation at any time when a predetermined amount of rainfall is detected. For instance, using the Clarity WMS rain gauge, you can prioritize station efficiencies by pausing off any station that has experienced more than ½” rainfall in the past 24 hours. If severe rain is forecasted, you can remotely shut down all the stations in the path of any significant weather event.

Clarity WMS.

Maximize water resources with the intelligent irrigation management provided by the NEW Clarity WMS from PPS. Ideal for a single station and priceless for a large multi-station network. Perfect for management and control of On-Structure Landscaping, Agriculture Irrigation, Golf Courses, Sports Fields, Commercial Landscaping, Civic Parks, Residential Developments, and more.

  • Provides wireless access, remote monitoring, and control of PPS Pump Stations.
  • Features integration to record water usage and rainfall events with daily/monthly totals, average daily usage, and much more.
  • Ideal for a single pump station and invaluable for a large network of multiple pump systems of any application.
  • A vast suite of trend and operational control utilities allows the user to track water usage, and pump operation efficiency.
  • Make real-time adjustments from a desktop computer, tablet, or cell phone from anywhere in the world.

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