Our tremendous growth over the past several years has challenged us to look for new ways to serve our existing customers and grow our market share in new regions. With our existing plant nearing capacity, we realized we needed another plant and determined the best option was to expand into the eastern USA. After considering several options and evaluating factors such as shipping costs, availability of raw materials, and density of customer base, we determined an ideal location.

Introducing our NEW, state-of-the-art, PPS Columbia, South Carolina manufacturing plant!

• Columbia is located at the hub of significant transportation arterials serving the East Coast corridor, the South, and the West into Texas.

• Real savings in transportation time and costs – cuts shipping time in half and reduces shipping costs by 40 – 75% to the service areas.

• Less transportation also reduces carbon footprint allowing you to maintain your green initiatives.

• The close proximity to raw materials in the east and southeast improves cost management and keeps projects cost-competitive nationwide.

Opened in mid-2022, we have continued to expand production in our NEW 14000 SQ FT manufacturing plant ensuring that our ISO 9001:2015 Certification standards are met. This significant increase in capacity will allow us to grow while maintaining favorable lead times.

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