The Shepeard Reservoir and Pump Station Project has constructed a new water storage reservoir and new PPS pump station to replace the existing, aging facilities that were constructed in the 1950s. The project will increase capacity and reliability for the Underwood Water System as well as improve the water system’s disinfection facilities and communication capabilities.

The Underwood Water System serves approximately 1000 people and draws its water from Galligan Springs, Shaddox Springs, and Galligan Well. All three sources are either pumped or delivered by gravity to a combined source pump station which delivers water to the distribution system. The system is served by six reservoirs with a combined storage capacity of approximately 520,000 gallons. The system is segregated into four different pressure zones. Within each pressure zone are additional sub-zones created by pressure reducing valves. Distribution system water mains range in size from 4-inch through 8-inch in diameter. PVC and steel are the principal pipe materials.

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