The Valley Club, located in Hailey, Idaho, is a private golf and recreation club that represents all the appeal that generations of families have sought in making Sun Valley their home over the years. It is set in a location so beautiful and breathtaking that its members come from all over the world to enjoy its ambiance and traditions.

The long-time superintendent and head of agronomy at Valley Club, Jerry Flaherty, contacted PPS to request a proposal to replace his more than 20-year-old Flowtronex pump station with a new and improved, higher capacity system.

Jerry Flaherty

He contacted PPS for this project as we had successfully replaced the original worn out Yardney backflushing filters on the station about 5 years ago with more efficient suction scanning Amaid filters. He was impressed with our work and the improvements provided by the new filters and selected PPS to bid on this full pump station replacement project.

This project did not come without some unique challenges:

  • We had to remove the existing pump station from the semi-buried enclosure building using only a service hatch located on the roof.
  • We had to incorporate the previously installed Amiad filter upgrades purchased just 5 years before into the new system.
  • We also had to increase the size, capacity and overall efficiency of the previous system and filtration.
  • We designed and engineered the new system in 3 separate parts enabling it to fit through the service hatch on top of the existing building for installation.
  • The new system was also designed to connect to the existing power service, discharge piping, and flush line of the previous system.
  • The new system had to be designed and manufactured to maintain the necessary electrical clearance and service space for all the equipment inside the existing building.

Utilizing our advanced 3-D modeling capabilities and our years of experience installing modular packaged pumping systems nationwide, we produced a 3 piece skid that met all of their on site requirements.

The project timeline from concept, design removal and installation was all completed in just 6 weeks! It fit the space perfectly as intended, functioned exactly as expected and was delivered on time and on budget. Special thanks to Jerry Flaherty and the team at Valley Club for letting us be a part of this amazing project

For more information on this or any other PPS prepackaged pump station product, contact our sales team at (208)323-5300 for immediate attention.

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