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Unleash The Power Of Efficiency™

Clarity WMS is a Water Management application that provides the user with the up-to-the-minute information needed to manage, monitor, and control the operation and efficiency of all their pumping stations from anywhere in the world.

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Prime Assure™

NEW! PPS introduces PRIME ASSURE™ (*patent-pending). A leading-edge PPS premium option that introduces new technology to ensure system prime of PPS pump systems.

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The NEW ATLAS MINI Series from PPS features a combination “simple” control panel combined with a calibrated ABB Drive and is designed to be one of the industry’s MOST affordable packaged pumps.

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ARIEL Booster Pump System

It features integrated filter controls for ease of operation, automatic self-cleaning suction scanner filtration, an innovative and easy-to-use color touchscreen, and remote control and monitoring are available.

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PPS Engineering Portal

At PPS, we understand time is money … that’s why we developed our “members only” engineering portal to provide online resources to PPS customers that streamline the design and specification process. Register today!

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VIRGO Series Water Harvest Pump Stations

We specialize in custom water harvesting and capture solutions that reduce potable water’s unnecessary and wasteful consumption for irrigation and other non-potable applications.

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Receive An Extended Warranty on PPS Packaged Pump Stations

Get a 5-year warranty on your next PPS Pump Station purchase when your pump station is installed with a 100% Hunter system. This industry-leading offer includes all PPS flagship packaged pump stations,

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PPS 25-Year Rust-Thru Warranty

Limited 25-Year Warranty: PPS warrants that its galvanized steel components to be free of rust-thru damage for 25 years from the date of completion of manufacture of the equipment.

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Congratulations! We did it AGAIN! Idaho’s Top 100 Companies 2023

PPS made the list for the first time in 2022, ranking at 89th. For 2023, they made the list again, ranking at 79th. Onward and upward! – CONGRATULATIONS to everyone in the organization for making this dream come true … again

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USA Pride in Craftsmanship

Innovative Smart Controls

Pre-Tested & Ready to Install

Built To Last A Lifetime

The true measure of quality at PPS is customer satisfaction. This is the key to our success for years to come. Our quality management system provides a solid foundation to do the best job, the first time, every time.